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Who we are...

Les Petits Gaulois works in the continuity of Les Petits Ecoliers, a French preschool opened in Shanghai in September 2011. Les Petits Gaulois opened in September 2014 and welcomes children from 18 months to 6 years old, from Nursery to Grande Section (K2). The founder of the two schools, passionate by early childhood, will show you with joy his everyday world.


The school offers French/English bilingual programs in small class groups of maximum 12 children.Our necks are taught by French teachers graduates of Education and teachers Singaporean graduates by the MOE (Level 2). We adopt a method of teaching in which emphasis is given on choosing a specific theme for teaching one or many concepts. The children’s interests are stimulated in a variety of areas such as music, dance, natural sciences and arts. We also offer Mandarin classes.


The school is located on East Coast, a few minutes from the beach. It provides a warm, stimulating and professional place where children have free access to a variety of resources and equipment dedicated to their social, physical and intellectual development.

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