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French/English bilingual classes and initiation to Mandarin

Unique to Les Petits Gaulois, we designed a unique, progressive and all-encompassing Curriculum that integrates French National Education program with the requirements of the local school framework from MOE. Both the French and English language teachers as co-partners in the same classroom, effectively delivering the program at the same time. We also provide Mandarin optional classes 2 hours per week.


All our teachers are early childhood education trained/qualified.


The distribution of classes for the school year 2015-2016:


- Crèche/Nursery: Children born in 2014 (minimum 18 months)

- Toute petite section/N1: children born in 2013

- Petite section/N2: children born in 2012

- Moyenne section/K1: Children born in 2011

- Grande section/K2: children born in 2010


For more information about our programs, please see the tabs for different sections.

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